The Global Impact Group (Formally Missions Task Force)

St George’s Global Impact Group

  • Recommends mission policy to the PCC, and executes that policy
  • Recruits, resources and supports individuals for mission service, provides advice and wisdom for the discernment of call, seeks to keep the partner accountable while serving, and supports their debriefing and reflection on completion of service
  • Disburses monies allocated for mission both from the PCC budget and from individual’s giving
  • Promotes prayer for mission within the church family
  • Promotes the work and needs of mission partners and agencies to the church family
  • Keeps missions as a priority in the church’s culture, including through teaching and involved activity
  • Sees to educate and motivate the church concerning mission, including the encouragement of interest among small groups, children’s and young people’s groups.


For more information please contact the Church Office (01780 481800)