Stamford Men – Men’s Ministry at St Georges

‘Who Let the Dads Out’

An opportunity for dads to spend some quality time with their preschool-aged children on a Saturday morning at the same time as meeting with other dads. We’ll have lots of toys available for creative play, and coffee and bacon rolls for the Dads. ‘Who let the Dads out’ takes place on the first Saturday of every month in St George’s Church Place, from 10 – 11.30am.

 Associated with “Who Let the Dads Out” a national Dads Ministry offering support, resources and encouragement for Dads Events. 

Men’s Breakfasts

The Idea of theses breakfasts is “Get to Know You!” As you join the table, you will have at least, five other guys sitting around you and if you move down the table at any point, this Multiplies.Our men’s breakfasts take place on the third Saturday of every month in The Stamford Post, from 8.15-9.30am.

It is “pay as you go” Breakfast will be from the Menu, you choose and order and pay at the Bar. If money is an issue please still come, just speak to the Hub beforehand.

Curry Nights

A friendly night with excellent food. Please feel free to bring a friend. Our men’s curry nights take place on the second Friday of every month at the Bombay Cottage, from 8-10pm.

It is “pay as you go” from the menu, you choose and order and pay.

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Other activities 

Wednesday Walks

4 – 6 mile walks finishing with coffee & cakes. Starting at 10.00 and finishing by about 12.30. Partners are welcome.

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Men’s Fellowship Lunch

A friendly free lunch aimed at mainly retired men, meeting every fourth Wednesday in St George’s Church Place, from 12-2pm.

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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is group for men who have been through many tough spots in their lives but are determined to keep focused on their Faith in the Lord Jesus. Meeting on Tuesday evenings in central Stamford. If you are interested please contact the Church Hub. Men at any stage of their Christian journey are very welcome.

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The Mens ministry of St George’s is partner of Christian Vision for Men. Their website can visited here: