The Disciple’ Course

The Disciple’ course, a new course from Freedom in Christ.

This is the core FIC material presented in a fresh and modern way  and without the jokes!!

It is packed full with people’s stories that really help to explain, in the context of modern life, how we can be free in Christ.  It more streamlined than the classic course and a lot easier to digest in the evening after a busy day. Many of those who have done the course in St George’s have wished there was more time available for conversations and discussions—now there is.

We had a taster evening for the FIC team recently and we were all impressed— although some of us felt our age!

For more information on the classic course click here, or visit: .

When and where?

It is a 10 week course with additional material available on an App. Our next course’s details will be published soon. Please contact the church office for more information.

Introduction to “disciple”, the Freedom In Christ message for the millennial generation. from Steve Goss on Vimeo.