Thirds Café

With the dust settling in the kitchen from the fury that engulfed it for the three days of Thirds Café there’s finally time to look back on the weekend and just what happened. Over the three days and five servings, the young people of St. George’s Church managed to serve over two hundred and fifty meals raising just under £6,000 for the Leprosy Mission’s Rebuild Nepal appeal. We have been amazed by the hard work of the young people who worked tirelessly to cook, serve, host and clean throughout Thirds Café and were absolutely delighted to have been a part of their service to the people of Nepal.

Huge thanks must also be made to Bombay Cottage and 8848 for providing some of the great food that was served for our event. Without their culinary expertise and generous spirit it is unlikely that we would have been able to run the event as well as we did. Our starter was generously donated by New Covent Garden Soup Co. whose Carrot and Coriander soup was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. Finally, thanks must also be said to Sainsbury’s who helped to cover the cost of some of the other ingredients that we used.

In all, the event was a huge success and we thank God that we were privileged enough to have been a part of it. Our prayers now turn to the expenditure of the funds that we have raised to bring about real change for the poor and homeless in Nepal; we pray that the two (and a bit!) houses that we have raised the money for will help to transform the lives of families left destitute by the Nepalese earthquake over a year ago.

If you missed this event or would still like to contribute to the Rebuild Nepal appeal then you can do so through this link.